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Medo Balm (Pack of 6)

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MEDOBALM®  is an effective remedy for all kinds of Aches* especially STRESS ACHE i.e. Pains due Stress, Anxiety, Tension, lack of sleep etc.
It starts immediate action on all types of aches with the powerful combination of natural ingredients.
• Medobalm is fortified with 15% of verity of Pudina Satvas  (combination of lemon balm & Wild menthol - special breeds of menthol, it was used since middle ages to reduce Stress and Anxiety to promote sleep and ease pain & discomfort
• Medobalm helps to regain deep sense of calm
• It restore clarity and mental focus
• It relaxes stressed muscles
• Penetrating deep to give pain relief
• Stimulate blood circulation in the affected area
• Camphor increases local blood flow which reduces pain and swelling.
• Camphor also has a calming effect which helps Induce Sleep
• Relief from Head ache, Neck-ache and Shoulder Pain.