Physiotherapy, as a treatment, focuses on enabling you to maintain functional movement and reduce pain in the affected area. At Alchemy, we diagnose the problem and carry out the most appropriate treatment to relieve pain, improve movement and prevent reoccurrence. Our treatment methods include manual therapy techniques for joint manipulation, biomechanical balance assessment, heat/cold treatments, acupuncture, dry needling, cupping and kinesis taping.

How it Works ?

Physiotherapy follows the step-by-step process of examination, diagnosis, prognosis and physical intervention. Tailored to treat your specific ailment, physiotherapy works towards improving movement, mobility, function and strength of the stressed joint or muscle.
Depending on the technique applied, physiotherapy not only promotes recuperation, but also encourages overall physical healing and well-being.

The Benefits:

  • Post-Surgery Recuperation
  • Physiotherapy helps you restore optimal mobility, movement, patterns and habits post- surgery.

  • Promotes Muscle Recovery
  • Through a regime of exercises, Physiotherapy enables you to strengthen weakened or disused muscles.

  • Improved Breathing
  • Physiotherapy exercises help you regulate your breathing and also prevents constriction.

  • Relief from Chronic Pain
  • By promoting movement without causing strain, Physiotherapy helps minimise pain.

  • Improved joint Mobility
  • Physiotherapy helps decrease the strain on your joints while increasing blood flow and promoting movement in your body.

  • Aids Fluid Drainage from the Body

Physiotherapy addresses tissue blockages while helping your body release fluid and preventing congestion.

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