Do you need a therapeutic service that can listen to your mind and body concerns?

At Heilsa, we offer Homeopathy as a research-based option for chronic or long standing problems. It is important to understand the onset, duration and progress of the problem with the help of past investigations and verbal history from patient.

Ailments from:
This part of our evaluation will look into external or internal triggers that have set off the symptoms.
Accompanying symptoms:
Sometimes, seemingly unrelated symptoms can help in understanding the overall pattern of the disease, its progress and response to medicines. 

Dr Shradhdha Shah

Dr. Shradhdha Shah
BHMS (Mumbai) & Medical Anthropology (London)

Follow ups:

Treatment is a form of teamwork. We need frequent follow-ups during acute phases (every few hours) and consistent communication (once in 2 weeks on average) for chronic complaints. All past investigations need to be sent to us via email before the meeting so that we can understand your case history in the most efficient way.


Questions & doubts:

Please share all your concerns openly. There are many myths about Homeopathic treatment Google may not have all the answers. Your questions need to be answered in relation to the specific case history.


Please get in touch at +91 915 207 5239 for appointments between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm (Mon – Fri) or at appointments.shradhdhacures@gmail.com. Due to a high volume of calls, we may take up to 1 working day to set up appointments. On weekends, our team may take longer to respond via email.


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