About Us


At Heilsa we are dedicated to providing state of the art products and services to our clients to help them recover faster from an injury, enhance performance, and/or improve mobility. We strive to make products and services used for recovery and rehabilitation all over the world, available in India.

Heilsa is a sister concern of Medopharm Pvt Ltd and Mohan and Co., both of which are 50+ year old companies, that fall under the $100 million Chordia Group. At Heilsa we strive to excel in the field of Sports and Injury rehabilitation, and pioneer future innovations in the same field.
Our very qualified team of experts as well as our niche services such as Whole Body Cryotherapy, Local Cryotherapy, Cryo-facials, Percussive Massage, Sports Massage, and Physiotherapy make it the go to place in Bangalore for all your rehabilitation needs.
We recognise the growing need for such services, with India’s growing population of elite athletes as well as fitness enthusiasts, and are dedicated to delivering a very professional and world class experience to anyone who walks through our doors, with guaranteed results. Walk into Heilsa and go back feeling better, happier, and looking better with minimal effort.